Children’s Sleep Project

Because we all need a good night’s rest.


This page links to research and other resources on children’s sleep issues, including topics that aren’t covered in the popular literature and advice. If your child struggles to sleep, perhaps you’ll find some answers here that you haven’t found anywhere else.

If you have a study that might help parents guide their children to better sleep, please e-mail a summary and link to

Co-Sleeping Impacts on Children’s Sleep. William Sears, renowned pediatrician and advocate of attachment practices, documented his observations of his wife and their babies co-sleeping. He subsequently conducted research and found corroborating evidence to support his theory that co-sleeping appears to synchronize the breathing patterns of mother-baby pairs and have other physiological benefits for the child.

Sleep Problems Associated with History of Trauma. Tel Aviv University published an excellent study in 1996 documenting the association between sleep disturbances and trauma in children. The study details the differences between sleep problems sourced in ongoing trauma (such as abuse) and one-time trauma (for example being involved in a car accident). In related news, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Australia is conducting a study on the impact of NICU stays on sleep patterns.