Children’s Sleep Project

Because we all need a good night’s rest.


Kids not sleeping?

Welcome – you’re not alone.

Take a deep breath and say hello to thousands of other frustrated, bleary-eyed parents across the globe.

If you’re like most of us, you never saw this coming. Sure, when you became a parent, you expected poopy diapers and picky eating, messy bedrooms and talking back. But months, even years, of lost evenings and sleepless nights? No way.

About this Site
The Children’s Sleep Projectis here to support parents who struggle with helping their children sleep. We are devoted to helping you find the right way to help your child learn to sleep – and to help your family cope throughout the process. We’re here to help you:

The Children’s Sleep Project is devoted to helping you find the right way to help your child learn to sleep well — and to helping your family cope throughout the process.

About Us
The Children’s Sleep Project was created, and is maintained, by Alan and Kathy.

We’re intimately familiar with the struggles of having a child who fights sleep. Since 2005, we’ve read dozens of books and studies on children and sleep. We’ve also failed miserably at lots of recommended approaches to getting the Dragon to sleep better. But along the way, we’ve taken a lot of wisdom from these many wonderful resources (all of which are listed and linked on this site) and put together an approach that makes sense for our child, our marriage and our family.

Our goal with the Children’s Sleep Project is to give you the benefit of our years of struggle. We don’t intend to reinvent the wheel — lots of people have already put together lots of wise and useful books on helping your child sleep better — but rather to bring many disparate resources all together in one place so you don’t have to go roaming all over the Internet to find the answer to your particular struggle.

We hope you’ve finally found the central resource you were looking for in your journey to a better night’s sleep.

Welcome – and keep breathing.

P.S. We’re smart, but we’re not medical professionals. You’ll find a lot of great information, resources, opinions and support on this site, and we hope it’s helpful. But none of it should be taken as medical or other advice: Please consult your child’s doctor for that. Thank you.

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